Expression of Interest: Ordnance Factory, Katni Expression of Interest: Ordnance Factory, Katni

Expression of Interest: Ordnance Factory, Katni



Expression of Interest:

Expression of interest from Indian and Overseas Customers for available spare capacity covering following product range and also to undertake material testing (mechanical, metallography and chemical testing) is invited so that resources can be gainfully utilised for the benefits of valued customers. Ordnance Factory Katni is an integrated Metallurgical Production unit under Ministry of Defence for production of Non-ferrous Rolled and Extruded Products, Brass and Gilding Metal Cups for Small Arms Ammunition, Zinc Base Alloy Die Cast components and Medium & Heavy Calibre Brass Cartridge Case.

Product Profile:

Cast products: Non-Ferrous Copper based slabs & billets

Slab dimension: Cross section up to 225mmx50mm and length up to 1000mm,

Billets dimension: Diameter up to 254mm (10") x length 800 mm.

Extruded copper and gilding metal products:

•Hot Extruded Solid Bar, Hollow Tubes and components of any profile

•Hot Extruded Copper and GM Tubes. Diameter: 20 mm to 190 mm, Thickness 1mm min. and length up to 3 meter max.

Cups for small arm ammunitions as per MIL Standards:

•Gilding Metal Cups: Weight up to 5gm and thickness: 0.5 - 2.0 mm

•Brass Cups: Weight up to 15gm and thickness: 3.0 - 4.5 mm

Die cast products:

• Various Zinc based alloy components manufactured through Pressure Die casting Machine with varying weight from 1gm to 500gm conforming to Class-1 Radiography Test.

Deep drawn products:

• Deep Drawn products of Brass (70:30) tube one end closed/formed in the diameter range of 100 mm – 200 mm and length 1000 mm (max).

Facilities available:

Melting: Induction Melting Furnaces for Cu and its Alloys, Continuous Casting Plant for Cu and its Alloys and Melting Furnaces for Zn-Based Alloys

Extrusion for Cu and its Alloys: Extrusion Press 2000 Ton

Cupping for Cu and its Alloys: Highly accurate & High Speed Blanking & Cupping Press, Hydraulic Press upto 2800 Ton

Die Casting for Zn Based Alloys: Cold Chamber Pressure Die Casting Machine up to 180 Ton

Deep drawing for Cu and its alloys: Deep Draw Press up to 600 Ton

Draw Benches up to 100 Ton

Tool Room: Highly Specialized Tool Room equipped with latest precision equipment, machines and heat treatment furnaces.

Testing facilities: NABL Accredited Laboratory with highly qualified staffs and skilled workmen with following details:

Chemical Testing: (i) Direct reading Optical Emission Spectrometer for Cu & Cu alloys and Zn & Zn based alloys and (ii) Oxygen and Hydrogen Determinator.

Mechanical Testing: Tensile Testing, Hardness Testing, Bend Test, Flattening Test, etc.

Radiography: Radio Graphic Testing for Zinc Base Alloy

Please contact to The General Manager, Ordnance Factory, Katni, MP – 483503. Email: /

Fax: +91-7622-228082, 221605, Phone: +91-7622-227849/221601.


(DR. R.N. JHA)

Deputy General Manager/P&S

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