Advisory for Indian nationals visiting Serbia Advisory for Indian nationals visiting Serbia

Advisory for Indian nationals visiting Serbia

In September 2017, Serbia introduced visa-free entry into Serbia for all Indian passport holders for staying in Serbia up to 30 days. For visa-free entry, Indian Nationals traveling to Serbia must carry the following documents (as per Serbian regulations):

i) Valid Passport ( passport must be valid for at least 180 days)

ii) Return air ticket

iii) Documentary proof of confirmed hotel booking

iv) Letter of invitation

for a private visit – invitation letter certified by the relevant authority of the Republic of Serbia

for business visit – invitation letter by a company in Serbia

for tourism trip – a proof of payment for the trip issued by a travel agency (voucher or any other type of payment receipt)

v) Health insurance for the period of stay in Serbia, covering possible medical costs to the amount of not less than Euro 20,000/-

vi) Documentary proof of sufficient funds for stay in Serbia (minimum Euro 50 per day of stay).

2. While the visa-free entry arrangement still remains in force, Indians coming to Serbia cannot travel to other countries, including Serbia’s neighbouring countries and other European countries, by virtue of visa-free entry into Serbia. In other words, Indians coming to Serbia need to have visa for other countries if they intend to visit those countries from Serbia. However, some Indian nationals coming to Serbia have complained to the Indian Embassy in Belgrade that unscrupulous agents promised to take them to other European countries through Serbia. Indian nationals coming to Serbia are requested to beware of such false promises and always take visa for other European countries that they plan to visit from Serbia.