Travel Advisory for Indian Nationals Travel Advisory for Indian Nationals

Travel Advisory for Indian Nationals


It has come to the knowledge of Embassy of India in Serbia, Belgrade that there have been incidents involving illegal detention and seeking of ransom by some organized gangs against Indian tourists.  In most cases, these tourists were approached with offer of local assistance by people of South Asian descent including people of Indian origin.

  1. Accordingly, all Indian nationals who are travelling to Serbia are hereby advised not to be misled by unknown persons without establishing their proper identity. Any information about such an experience should be brought to the knowledge of the Indian Embassy in Belgrade.  It is also advised that in no case, Indian national should enter into any business contract with persons unknown to them or contracts that are prima facie illegal as per Indian and Serbian laws.
  2. Serbia remains a tourist-friendly country and Serbians are known to be friendly and warm towards Indians. The above stated precaution is generally valid for travel to any foreign country.