PM's remarks on 100th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Bangabandhu PM's remarks on 100th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Bangabandhu

PM's remarks on 100th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Bangabandhu

Translation of PM’s remarks on 100th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

March 17, 2020


Many greetings and good wishes from 130 crore Indian brothers and sisters to entire Bangladesh, on the auspicious occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of `Jatir Pita’ Bangabandhu, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Friends, Sheikh Hasina Ji had personally invited me to be part of this historic occasion, however, it could not be possible due to Corona Virus. Later, Sheikh Hasina Ji herself suggested an option and I am connecting with you through a video link.

Friends,Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was one of the greatest personalities of the last century. His entire life is a tremendous inspiration for all of us.

Bangabandhu means---

A leader of courage
A man of conviction
A sage of peace
A champion of justice, equality and dignity
A hand of defiance against brutality, and,
A shield against coercion

These qualities of him gave a new energy to lakhs of youth in those times, to face all the challenges for liberation of Bangladesh. Today, it gives me great happiness, when I see people of Bangladesh dedicating themselves day and night towards making their dear nation, `Shonar Bangla’, as was dreamt by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Friends, Life of Bangabandhu gives a great message to the world of 21st Century. We all are well aware, how a repressive and cruel regime, disregarding all democratic values, unleashed a reign of injustice on `Bangla Bhumi’ and devastated its people.

He had devoted every moment of his life towards bringing Bangladesh out of the phase of devastation and genocide and making it into a positive and progressive society. He was absolutely clear that hatred and negativity can never be the foundation of any country’s development.

However, his these very ideas and efforts were not liked by certain people and they snatched him from us. Bangladesh and all of us were fortunate that PM Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana had blessings of God. Otherwise, supporters of violence and hatred left no stone unturned.

We are all witnessing that how, making terror and violence weapons of politics and diplomacy destroys a society and a nation. The world is also watching where the supporters of terror and violence are currently placed and in what state they are, while Bangladesh is scaling new heights.

Friends, Bangladesh is moving ahead, inspired by Bangabandhu and under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina with Inclusive and Development Oriented Policies and this is really commendable.

Be it economy, other social indices or sports, today Bangladesh is setting new benchmarks. It has made unprecedented progress in many fields like skill, education, health, women empowerment, micro finance.

I am also happy to mention that in last 5-6 years, India and Bangladesh have scripted a golden chapter of bilateral ties and given new dimension and direction to our partnership. This is because of increasing trust between the two countries that we have been able to amicablyresolve complex issues like Land Boundary and Maritime Boundary.

Today, Bangladesh is not only India’s biggest trading partner in South Asia but also development partner. Electricity generated in India is lighting up lakhs of houses and factories in Bangladesh. A new dimension has been added to our relations through Friendship Pipeline.

Be it road, rail, air, waterway or internet, our cooperation in several sectors is connecting people of our two countries even more.

Friends, our heritage comes from intellectuals like Tagore, QaziNazrul Islam, UstadAlauddin Khan, Lalon Shah, Jibanananda Das and Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar.

Legacy and inspiration of Bangabandhu has made our heritage more comprehensive. India has always been attached to his ideals and values. Deep rooted relations between India and Bangladesh have been laid on the foundation of this shared heritage.

This heritage of ours, the deep rooted bond, path shown by Bangabandhu are the strong foundation of Partnership, Progress and Prosperity of the two countries in this decade as well.

Next year will be 50 years of Bangladesh’s liberation and year 2022 will be the 75th anniversary of India’s independence. I am confident that both these milestones will not only take development of India and Bangladeshto a new height, but will also strengthen the bond of friendship between the two countries.

Once again, I extend my greetings to the whole Bangladesh on the occasion of Bangabandhu Centenary Year.

Jai Bangla, Jai Hind !!